Before removing any dams, you need to consider how important they are to our local economy. Here are just a few things:

1. Cheaper electricity.

2. No production of carbon dioxide.

3. Lake for recreation.

4. Water for irrigation.

5. A beautiful landscape.

6. Fish production.

These dams cost millions to build, and it makes no sense to remove them while spending other millions. There are also other ways to provide for fish. Those who want the dams removed must prove their case. Will removing any dam improve fish production?

Another key issue is the drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Whenever they show you a picture of the refuge, it is usually miles from the coast where the drilling would take place. These remote locations are quite beautiful.

But drilling would take place on the coastal plain. This is usually a mudflat in the summer. The effect on animals is that they are drawn to the drilling and pipelines, as it is warmer there.

There is no reason not to have the use of the oil that is in this refuge. The president is right.

Jim Hollingsworth