I am a registered Republican. I have consistently voted for Senator Crapo since he first ran for Congress and for Senator Risch since he ran for lieutenant governor.

I served in the Navy for 27 years with an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution..." — the same oath taken by senators.

The Constitution clearly assigns "the power of the purse" to Congress. The President’s unilateral declaration of a national emergency to obtain funds violates the Constitution. He has put you in a tough spot.

Previously, you both have affirmed the sanctity of the Constitution. If you vote to sustain the “National Emergency”, you abdicate your responsibility and violate your oath. Therefore, vote to terminate the “Emergency.” This vote defends the Constitution.

As a veteran, I will watch to see if you defend the Constitution. Should you fail, l will work diligently to elect new Senators in coming years.

Jim Okeson

Idaho Falls

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