In June, New York hairstylist and actor Brandon Straka posted a video to YouTube entitled, "Why I left the Democrat Party." As of mid-November, the video had been viewed nearly 750,000 times. There is a growing realization among classical liberals that today's left has become anti-free-speech and, as Straka says, "anti-American."

Another movement has quite recently sprung up calling itself "Blexit," presumably after the British term "Brexit." I encourage browsing their website,

This group is made up of black people who have become disillusioned with the Democratic party. Videos are shown of black people stating why they are exiting the Democratic party. To me, it was very positive and uplifting to see Blacks encouraging each other to think independently and for themselves.

They have always voted Democrat, but now realize the party only wants their votes and does not really care about them. They are tired of being treated like victims. They want to become self-sustaining members of society and are tired of being kept in slavery to corrupt inefficient government welfare programs.

Some said only they can break the cycle of poverty, fix their schools and other social problems. Some expressed the fact that the party is now leaving them behind and looking to and encouraging the flood of immigrants as potential Democratic voters. I am encouraged.

R. Grant Hunter


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