Of two editorials in the Post Register, one is a great idea and request. The second, I totally disagree with.

The first article, regarding the PR editorial board's request for an investigation by the newly appointed U.S. Attorney for the state, Mr. Davis, into the events that occurred in the incarceration of an innocent man for over 20 years is great, but considering the politics of Bonneville County, I seriously doubt anything along that line will happen. Again, it would be great for seeking true justice, but it won't happen.

The second article, also by the PR board, I believe, not from anger, but from right versus wrong, the editorial board is wrong in its stated conclusion.

Yes, it's great that Mr. Tapp forgave Ms. Osborne, but why did it take 20 years and the excellent work by the Idaho Falls Police in proving Mr. Tapp's innocence by identifying and capturing the real killer before Ms. Osborne finally came forward? She knew for over 20 years her story was false. She could have come forward many times over that period because of the many appeals and actions that happened. So a young man's 20 years of youth was taken, which may have been different had she come forth before.

Again, Mr. Tapp is the bigger man, no question, and thanks to the excellent work of the leadership and officers of the Idaho Falls Police Department, not Ms. Osborne, he has been exonerated of the crime and finally, a free man.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls

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