We would like to express our very strong disagreement with the Idaho Falls plan to widen South Boulevard (south of 17th street) by removing the amazing trees that line the street. We agree that the current bike lane is too narrow and presents a safety hazard. However, there was never a problem before the city decided to change the street to having a center turn lane. This center lane is absolutely unnecessary. We have lived within three blocks of South Boulevard for about 36 years and drive on this street many times a week. South Boulevard is a residential street in a residential area. There is minimal traffic and little need to make left turns onto public streets. Removing the center lane will provide sufficient space for a bike lane. It will maintain the residential nature of the street and save beautiful trees.

If you do not want to see these trees needlessly removed, please contact the city.

You can also sign a petition on change.org

Joe and Ann Delmastro

Idaho Falls