I am writing to express my support for the three D91 school board members, Elizabeth Cogliati, Lara Hill, and Hillary Radcliffe, who are being subjected to a recall effort. These board members made a decision about re-opening schools during the COVID pandemic based on the information they had at the time, with the goal of keeping children in school and the wider community safe.

A group of parents, teachers, and administrators met over the summer to devise a plan for keeping children in school safely. This group of committed citizens came up with three options (full-time, hybrid, and online only) and at a school board meeting a fourth option (four days a week) was added. Schools re-opened using the four-day-a-week plan and then switched to the hybrid option for the high schools when COVID cases increased.

Now COVID cases have decreased and we have new evidence suggesting that with proper precautions transmission in schools is less prevalent than previously thought. D91 schools will re-open after the winter break on the four-day-a-week plan.

We need to be cautious during times such as these, when a virus about which we know little – and knew even less when the decision was made to go to a hybrid model – is rampant in our community. The board members were following the best course of action as they saw it, in a new and unknown situation. Now that we know more, we can adjust our plan. Don’t penalize these hard-working board members for doing their job.

Lisa Christenson

Idaho Falls