Several days ago Donald Trump tweeted that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Then the hurricane center responded that Alabama was not in its path. At first, it seems silly to make an issue of it. But to those who take Trump’s tweets as absolute facts, they might have made plans to evacuate. But did Trump issue another tweet saying he had used very early projections? Oh no. We just saw Donald Trump on TV showing a projection map where someone used a sharpie to extend the projection area to include Alabama.

This man cannot for any reason admit he was incorrect. This is incredible. While this incident might seem insignificant, it’s actually illegal.

What then if he is faced with a crisis? What if he tweets something inaccurate that worsens the crisis? What if Kim Jong-un threatens to do something to endanger our soldiers in Korea or our country? Will he refuse to admit that his wonderful relationship with Kim is a sham? Trump is the most powerful man in the world; he holds the nuclear codes. We are frankly very worried about his ability to engage in critical thinking. He refuses to acknowledge climate change. He refuses to admit Russia attacked and is still attacking our elections. We are in our 70s so we don’t consider things long term. But we worry greatly about our children and the future of all people on this planet. Are you worried? Will you do anything?

Joe and Ann Delmastro

Idaho Falls