Doyle Beck appears to be proselytizing for the Mormons in his columns on the op-ed pages of our local paper. When not quoting Mormon scriptures, he’s praising the leadership of that organization. One of Beck’s favorite LDS church presidents, Ezra T. Benson, was a big supporter of the John Birch Society and a zealot of far-right extremism.

Northern Idaho white supremacists have their “Turner Diaries.” Beck and his tribe have the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon purports to be a history of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. It claims that there were two competing factions in the early Americas — the Nephites and the Lamanites. The Nephites were the good guys and were identified in scriptures as being “white and delightsome.” The bad guys were the Lamanites who were described as being dark-skinned and loathsome.

Doyle presents his message cloaked in religion. It’s a little different than the format we’re seeing from Northern Idaho extremists, but the message is the same — white supremacy.

I’m waiting for white and delightsome Doyle Beck to bring up the “White Horse Prophecy” that says the Constitution will "hang by a thread" and will only be saved by LDS priesthood intervention.

Doyle brings to mind a Mormon apologist Raymond Takashi Swenson who also proselytized on the editorial pages of our local paper. I guess if one can convince folks that God is on their side, the battle’s half won. I just wish they wouldn’t use the op-ed page as their vehicle … maybe the entertainment section?

Kent Nadauld 

Idaho Falls