I fear nothing is perplexing about the Post Register's endorsement of all of my (District 33) state legislative Republican candidates.

Newspapers, after all, are businesses with short memories and a political party whose national head has a long viscous and vengeful memory. Locally, we are supposed to forget Mr. Zollinger's early summer delusion about a deep conspiracy regarding the head of his national party? We are supposed to forget about Ms. Ehardt's "dirty" little mayoral campaign funded by "concerned" citizens? I am sure these concerned citizens carry plenty of clout with the Post Register's Editorial Board.

Perhaps we are supposed to forget Ms. McGeachins attack on Senator McCain, and her ringing endorsement of anarchists on her Facebook page. Then, to top it off, Ms. McGeachin adds a little dash of red meat just before the election as she wants to get get rid of lesbian/gay marriage.

Now Neal Larson ponders a little bit about how bad this has all gotten in his recent article. Really?

Previously Neal shames the Hollywood producer of "First Man" excluding the planting of the American flag on the moon. Well, I am tired of his flag and his President. I am tired of pickup trucks with his flag next to his Presidents "MAGA" flag.

Worse yet is the US flag flying next to the Confederate flag and pleasantly decaled with "Black Guns Matter".

I kinda think this is not going to end really well, Neal.

Arnie Erickson

Idaho Falls


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