Many thanks to Bob Nitschke for his guest column published June 16. It is clear that the majority of the Idaho Falls Auditorium (Events Center) district board is pushing ahead with a seriously flawed plan for a facility that is going to be a permanent tax albatross affecting every property owner and renter in the Events Center taxing district.

The board provides minimum transparency for its actions and commitments. Read Bob Nitschke’s column for details. The cost was touted as being $25 million at the time of the authorizing election. According to one report, the estimated cost is now $75 million and even with the most optimistic estimates will never pay all operating expenses. The Events Center will become a permanent tax item both to pay for the construction and to pay for the continued operating expenses. It is not too late to get an Events Center that will be beneficial and useful and that we can afford. Taxpayers, do you really want another permanent item on your property tax bills? If not, get very vocal. Let the Events Center board members know of your concern. Similarly, contact other leaders in our community. If we do nothing, we will all get skewered together.

Allen Eberle

Idaho Falls