The 2016 presidential election presented a dilemma for me. I disliked the brash, in-your-face style of Trump. I worked at the Idaho National Lab for 26 years, handled classified and sensitive information and received frequent security training. If I did what Clinton did with her emails, I would have been fired, tried and convicted. I reluctantly voted for Trump.

Since then I appreciated the Trump administration's economic policies of tax and regulation. According to the Bureau of Labor, we enjoy record low unemployment for all populations including blacks, Hispanics and women. The policy of erasing the Islamic State group caliphate worked. Other foreign policy initiatives of engaging North Korea in the dialogue and removing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear agreement while using sanctions as pressure on both countries without military force seem to be good approaches.

The unfair and partisan treatment of Justice Kavanaugh disgusted me.

For years, the press complained about government secrecy and inaccessibility to the president. The press enjoys frequent opportunities to question President Trump, and we always know what he is thinking. His brash, in-your-face style still grates on me.

After watching the Obama administration use British, Australian, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian resources and information to investigate and disrupt the 2016 Trump campaign, I am not concerned with Trump asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Ukrainian 2016 election interference or Hunter Biden’s participation with Burisma.

Overall, as the 2020 election nears, I am more supportive of President Trump than I was in 2016.

Charles Allen

Idaho Falls