Fair board members have voted to put the God almighty dollar ahead of public safety. Regardless of whatever safety precautions, a majority of the attendees will disregard them. This is a health disaster waiting to happen. You can’t even get half the population to wear masks when grocery shopping. And those are the adults who should at least have some common sense. Wearing a mask shows respect more for the people around you than it does for your own safety.

Currently, several states in our country are going through the fastest rise in new COVID-19 cases since the virus invaded our shores. The younger are finding that they’re not as invulnerable as they once thought. The people now experiencing the fastest illness growth rate are in the 20 to 35-year-old segment.

Now guess what age group is going to make up the majority of fair attendees? Have you ever seen most 20-year-olds doing the smart thing? I know I didn’t when I was that age over 50 years ago. Even if the majority of these fair attendees do not come down with the virus, they can take it home to their parents and grandparents.

So far southeast Idaho has been spared the ravages that have hit many parts of the country. But Idaho now is one of the fastest-growing COVID-19 infected states in the country, mainly thanks to Ada County and our state capitol of Boise. Let’s keep it on that side of the state.

Alan Jones

Idaho Falls