America now has an official fascist party. It’s called the “Republican” Party, but it is the instrument of a would-be dictator who called his goons into the streets and into our Capitol building to put him in power.

The Capitol building is the temple of democracy, and it was defiled by an armed mob of thugs looking for our elected representatives to kill. Please don’t tell me that this enraged gang of brownshirts in red hats was there to reason with our representatives and senators to overthrow the election; they were out for blood.

Courage is in short supply today, and it certainly can’t be found among Idaho’s congressional delegation. They’ve condemned the violence in Washington, but where were they when Trump kept blasting lies about the election? Crapo and Risch issued a joint statement the day before the riot calling for a commission to investigate “irregularities” in the safest and most secure election in our history. Let’s hear a real statement of support for a legitimate election and congratulations to President Biden. Let’s not have mealy-mouthed statements supporting democracy, but covering their posteriors for the fascist base of the Republican Party.

What have Crapo, Risch and Simpson ever done to rein in a madman and preserve our democracy? When did they acknowledge the legitimacy of our election and call for Trump to simply shut up? If you want to know what it looks like when you sell your soul for power, just look at Idaho’s congressional delegation.

Bob Goetsch

Idaho Falls