I hope Brigham Young University-Idaho students hold the school administrators' feet to the fire to get answers as to why they are being forced to pay for a second-rate insurance plan they don’t need. Student loan debt is skyrocketing, and many graduates are suffering under the burdens of it. Now administration won’t even give students a rationale of why they are forcing them into deeper debt to pay for premiums for coverage they don’t need. Could it possibly be that ideologues in the administration are so anti-Medicaid expansion that they are willing to burden indigent students to make a point? Whether it’s that or if it’s a greedy insurance company pressuring the school to keep their numbers up, it’s an outrage. If you qualify for Medicaid you shouldn’t be forced to buy insurance you don’t need.

Fight back, kids. It’s not just the thousands that you’ll be paying for the insurance, but many, or even most of you, will end up paying additional thousands in interest. Student loan debt can be a nightmare that will plague you for years. Don’t let the school victimize you. Fight back.

Jackie Stephens

Idaho Falls