I have been volunteering a few days a month in the Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen on South Boulevard for some years now. I am surprised by the extent of food insecurity in Idaho Falls. On average the soup kitchen serves more than 1,000 hot lunches a week, and this is only one of the organizations that are attempting to help. The people who come are not bums, but many would pass off as middle class in most places. They are often well dressed, even wearing suits in some cases.

Last Sunday I was talking to a fourth-grader who was as bright as a spark. I have talked to a volunteer who was laid low by divorce and could only bicycle from place to place with her children because she could not afford gasoline and had struggled to feed her kids. Beneath the cheery and often idyllic surface of Idaho Falls, there is a dark undercurrent of need.

Let us open our eyes and see that some of our neighbors are struggling, and see how we can help. It is not sufficient to drop a few dollars into the Salvation Army kettle. There is real food insecurity in Idaho Falls.

Daniel Devasirvatham

Idaho Falls