Mr. Larson seems to believe the only impediment to a successful life is a lack of grit, that we should all be completely self-reliant and self-made individuals. I also believe in individual responsibility, but I dare say there are billions of people on the planet today that show as much or more grit and perseverance on a daily basis than he or me.

Yet the great majority of these people struggle because they never had the opportunities for a quality education, ease of communications and transportation, access to health care and the benefits of scientific research, clean air and water, domestic security, and the system of laws and justice that we were provided with and most, but not all, Americans can take for granted.

It was the willingness of taxpayers, if maybe grudging, to fund these public goods that have enabled most of us to exhibit our own grit to thrive in our lives. Grit by itself is not a cure-all and all of us have used a little help along the way to better our lives and the society at large.

Dennis Finn

Idaho Falls

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