Representative Scott Grow thinks you are an idiot. His current push to change voter initiative rules in the state is an undisguised attempt to silence Idaho voters. His claim he wants to "increase participation" is transparently untrue. That's not at all his goal. He is a prime example of the huckster who tells you you're leg is wet because it's raining when the truth is plainly something very different.

Rep. Grow's slimy attempt at keeping Idahoans locked out of state lawmaking is amplified by his hysterical notion that ballot measures must have funding mechanisms included. Figuring out the State budget is your job, Mr. Grow. Quit shirking and do your job.

Closer to home, I see Rep. Zollinger seeks to sabotage Idaho's Medicaid expansion. He appears more dedicated to his misguided ideology then serving his constituents. Constituents, I would point out, who supported the Medicaid expansion in greater numbers than they supported Mr. Zollinger. The legislature and governor had years to address the problem and they failed miserably. Idahoans took matters into our own hands, and Rep. Zollinger clearly resents it.

Both of these men represent those in the state Legislature focused on enforcing their extremist views on Idahoans regardless of what we think. They both are acting to cripple voter control of the state Legislature and to impose their anti-voter views. They've won their elections and now expect Idaho voters to shut up, submit and obey. I suppose time will tell if we voters are that timid.

Vic Allen

Idaho Falls

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