Day after day, liberals claim that conservatives preach so-called “hate speech.”

After reading Dino Lowery’s Jan. 19 column, one can only surmise that hate speech is also alive and well on the far left side of the political spectrum.

Claims that President Donald Trump “embraces chaos and animus just for the thrill of it,” “assaults the norms of civility” and is “an avatar of narcissism” is cynical and irresponsible.

I get it. Liberals cannot stand Trump and they will use all sorts of nasty tactics to demean him and try to ruin his presidency. I didn’t like presidents Obama and Clinton, but at least I was civil in tone with my LTE’s and commentaries despite my disdain towards them.

For a change, Trump has been tactful lately, plus he’s displayed remarkable patience with the touchy border wall issue, but now Democrats refuse to negotiate, period.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer naïvely claim that there’s “no border crisis.”

Pelosi and her entourage planned to fly to Europe last week for a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels and then on to Afghanistan to interact with our troops. I applaud Pelosi’s intention, but her timing is really awful. Here we are in the midst of a serious crisis with much of the federal government shutdown while Pelosi and Company had planned to leave the country.

Meanwhile, we should be hearing more from our congressional delegation over the border issue. Numerous constituents are interested in detailed views from senators Crapo and Risch and representatives Fulcher and Simpson.

Bob Ziel


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