Have you ever smelled sagebrush after a rainstorm? Seen a mink in the sun along a river? Skied on powder in heaps of fresh snow? Watched a flight of snow geese glide in a clear blue sky? Observed a kingfisher fall like a stone into a placid river? Canoed over a crystal clear mountain lake? Rafted a roaring river or explored a cave or grotto? Glissaded off a mountain peak. Skydived and/or run a marathon? Photographed frost on trees and curious designs on windows in a winter wonderland? Had your face whitewashed by coots while riding a jet ski down the Grand Canyon?

Some of the most enjoyable experiences in my life happened when we took the sheep to summer pasture high in the Beaver Mountains in southern Utah. We rode colorful equines, pulling pack animals. It was unfortunate how the beasts seemed to ignore our legs/packs as they struggled through thick aspens. At night we listened to the coyotes howl as we slept in a sheep wagon. During the day we threw hot biscuits at the dog and also ate mutton and potatoes from a wood-burning stove aka "sheepherder." We watched the herd, as we dined on one of its relatives.

Once we experienced a violent rainstorm at night, high up. The rain hitting the canvas tents, sounded like a machine gun. The bright flashes of chain lightning and hard thunder were too close. The next morning, chipmunks scampered through our gear in the sunshine.

Stanton Anderson

Idaho Falls

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