Trina Pettingill seems to feel that 3rd graders are smarter than President Trump. I am sure that many are intelligent, but that has nothing to do with believing a theory.

Human-caused global warming is just that, a theory. There is no question by even us unintelligent ones that the earth is warming. The question is whether it is being caused by the normal cycling of the sun, which has occurred in the past, or if humans are modifying the cycle.

As far as the 3rd grader believing the human-caused theory, of course they will. They, like many 3rd graders for the last 50-plus years, have been taught by the docialist educators that the government knows what is best for citizens and we can believe the theory is true.

As far as 3rd graders being smarter that President Trump, I doubt it.

Douglas Sonnenberg


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