Unlike most of the Post Register commentators, I’m an independent, I support President Trump and I believe in the USA. But now I’m finding it very difficult to support the mayor and city council.

When the mayor was first elected, two of her priorities were improving the police department and stopping the waste of water in the city; at least that’s what I believed based on attending various public presentations.

Of those two items, tragically, both are complete failures. Yes, she hired the best, most qualified police chief the city has had in 83 years, and we now have a great police department. Had she pursued getting a police facility at the time she was first elected, it would now be up and running at significantly less cost. Now water over the bridge, or spilled milk as they say, and the citizenry will pay much, much more for less.

That failure is now potentially being compounded by what appears to be a non-citizen involved/supported means of funding.

No need to talk about the failure to get metered water for all Idaho Falls water users. That won’t happen under this administration.

To recap: We have a failed, lackadaisical effort toward finally getting a police facility. We have total failure towards conserving precious water. Woodruff Avenue is still a total bottleneck from Lincoln Road to Highway 26 and, of course, the on-going Idaho Falls Auditorium Group’s total waste of taxpayers’ money — lots of it.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls