The Idaho Chapter of the American College of Physicians supports improving health so patients can get back to work and live their lives. Idaho ACP represents internal medicine physicians and associated sub-specialty physicians around the state. ACP rejects Medicaid waiver applications that would require enrollees to work, search for work or volunteer in order to qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid work requirements were tried in Arkansas. Per the New England Journal of Medicine, within six months, 17,000 recipients lost health coverage. Surveys have found that the reason individuals lost coverage in Arkansas was not that they were not working. In fact, most who lost coverage were working enough to meet the work requirements. Individuals lost coverage because they were confused about the reporting requirements and using the online portal. Work requirements did not increase employment.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, most adults on Medicaid are already working. The imposition of work requirements as a condition of Medicaid eligibility is unnecessary and does not accomplish its stated goals.

Idaho ACP supports Medicaid expansion to give our patients an opportunity to have better health. Better health means greater ability to work. One cannot work if one does not have health.

Idaho ACP