Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives the following as one definition of the word manipulate, "To control or play upon by artful, unfair or insidious means especially to one's own advantage."

There is no doubt that certain individuals with the Idaho Falls Police Department manipulated Chris Tapp in an unprofessional manner to suit their ends. They believed Tapp was guilty, and they were willing to cross the line to prove it. If the information printed in the Post Register regarding Destiny Osborne's recanting of her trial testimony is true, then Destiny Osborne was manipulated. And when the Post Register Editorial Board prints, "She (Destiny Osborne) is a lot like Tapp, the young man this community threw away 23 years ago" then you, the Editorial Board, are being manipulative.

This community did not throw away Chris Tapp. Likely all the community knew of the Angie Dodge murder case was what they saw on the evening news and what they read in your newspaper. Righteous indignation is appropriate in this instance, but it is to be strategically targeted, not spread around like jam on toast. This community did not fail Chris Tapp. Certain people within the justice system failed this community. That failure requires this community to keep themselves informed, apply pressure where necessary to see this never happens again and, if possible, hold the manipulative individuals accountable. This community is not required to feel communal guilt for the acts of others over which they no control or even knowledge. 

Stephanie Kelsey

Idaho Falls