Idaho badly needs an official and registered independent party — a party that actually works for and represents the people of their respective districts, the state of Idaho and the USA.

The Idaho Democratic Party has become a dismal failure in its ability to accomplish anything.

The Idaho Republican Party has become completely arrogant and self-serving to the few and the elite.

The sad part of this is it will remain that way until more Idahoans start to realize the importance of voting for those with integrity, honesty, proven credentials and record of personal and public achievements instead of only an R or D or specific religion.

The above is 100% supported by what is going on in this current legislative session, in open defiance of the stated will of the majority of voters.

We badly need an officially registered independent party or a more concerted effort by the voters to look for and demand the qualifications of the candidates as described above.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls

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