I’m thankful for this opportunity to have a say in my education. In high school, I wanted an option that would offer me a challenging course load while also allowing time to spend with family. Fortunately, I found the perfect solution through online school at Idaho Virtual Academy.

By attending school online, I was able to personalize my education to meet my needs. Instead of feeling restricted in a brick-and-mortar classroom where everyone was taught the same way, I could tailor my educational experience to my needs. This freedom allowed me to focus on areas I wanted to learn more about and explore my passions.

I am currently fulfilling my dream of becoming an electrical engineer and with the help I received at IDVA, I was fortunate to qualify for and receive a National Aerospace scholarship from NASA to continue my studies. IDVA helped to prepare me for life after high school, and I’m now enrolled at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

With the opportunities I’ve had, I am grateful that I was able to choose a school environment that was the best option for me. I urge Idaho to continue protecting school choice so that all students can have an education that works for them.

McKinley Hammond