Mr. Alan Jones's commentary regarding "Where are the dollars going?" is not only well written but poses an extremely valid question.

Why are there only four police officers assigned as traffic control officers in the entire Idaho Falls police department?

This was stated as a fact by officials of the police department during their recent public presentation of their ongoing actions, activities and their five-year plan.

As a side note, there were less than 40 people who attended their excellent presentation, which shows a real lack of public involvement or participation.

It is insulting and totally unfair to the 61,000 residents who live in this approximately 10 square mile area that there are only four police officers assigned to traffic control. No wonder it is unsafe to drive within Idaho Falls proper.

Finally, in support of Mr. Alan Jones' commentary, there really does need to be an accounting of where and how our taxes are really being spent by the county and city.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls

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