The Idaho Falls Police have much to answer for in the Angie Dodge case. Police Chief Bryce Johnson is going out of his way to pat everyone on the back, but let us not forget a few points.

An innocent man, Chris Tapp, spent 20 years in prison for the murder and the police have insisted on his guilt all this time. Tapp was coerced into a false confession by Detectives Fuhriman and Brown. The tapes of their interview of Tapp are appalling. No one has been held accountable for that.

Second, despite the fact that there was a nationwide search for the real killer, it turns out, at the time of the murder, he was living across the street from Angie Dodge. Apparently, he was questioned by police at the time. His alibi for that evening: He was out drinking all night and cannot remember a thing. Sounds like a good alibi to me.

Science to the rescue, he has finally been caught.

I am a former high school Forensic Science teacher. The main thing I taught my students about this case was never, ever, talk to the police except in the presence of a lawyer and your parents, or you could end up being coerced into signing a false confession. It is your constitutional right and common sense to remain silent.

Jerry Schneider

Idaho Falls

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