My husband and I enjoy going to the ice arena in Idaho Falls. On Dec. 1, we attended the Annual Holiday Show presented by the Idaho Falls Figure Skating Club.

Participants in the show ranged from the novice little children to the more advanced college-aged skaters. Though we have no family or friends who figure skate, we thoroughly enjoyed the show! The children were adorable, and a few of the skaters were as talented as those we’ve watched perform at the Olympics.

We were surprised at the poor advertising for this show, but now we understand why. Whether intentional or not, the show could not have survived advertisement. The arena was obviously not designed to accommodate anything that a large number of people would attend. It was standing room only, despite the fact that at least 90 percent of the audience was just the skaters’ family members. The arena needs improved stadium seating. Also, it needs to be insulated. With proper insulation, the ice arena will remain at a more constant temperature, maybe even allowing the arena to remain open for a few extra months.

Despite the limitations of the ice arena itself, the show was incredible! Our sincere thanks to the Idaho Falls Figure Skating Club and to Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation. Maybe next year the arena might be able to better accommodate an audience.

Debbie Eskridge


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