Tom Hally — Stephanie Lucas — Tom, went for reelection and Lucas went for the upset. As far as I'm concerned, the signage is an exceptional addition to the city. For tourists and visitors, it is a real help to find your way around. Many times I have stopped to help confused out-of-staters to find their way to on-ramps, parks, etc. And as for funding a new police station, did anyone on the council ever in their tenure figure out how to pay for it? I have a great idea.

Start writing tickets for parking violations. It won't pay for all of it, but it will help. People who park their camp trailers, boats and motor homes are lawbreakers — pure and simple. Maybe one of the council members can enlighten me why the cops ignore the city ordinances or who gave the order to ignore them? Drive up and down many of our streets, and you will be astounded by the amount of lawbreakers. 

Bill Craig

Idaho Falls