As a former New York City area resident, I agree with Bob Ziel’s letter that New Yorkers are “robust extroverts,” even sarcastic at times (including Ocasio-Cortez and Gov. Cuomo). But I am offended at Ziel’s attempt to use this to excuse Trump’s crude, racist and misogynistic words. My family, some of whom still live in NYC, don’t engage in this kind of behavior – Trump’s “Access Hollywood” statements, mocking a disabled reporter, calling Hispanics rapists, caging their children and attacking Gold Star families. Most New Yorkers never would if given the chance. Neither have Ocasio-Cortez or Cuomo. Blaming NYC is an insult to New Yorkers.

And, Mr. Ziel, please return to the real world. Trump’s so-called accomplishments, such as low unemployment and a healthy economy, have evaporated in the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump is not responsible for the pandemic itself, but he is totally responsible for mishandling the crisis — ignoring warnings for at least a month, not mobilizing companies to make protective equipment, lying that the virus is almost gone and now ignoring expert advice regarding his rally. Trump has offended our most important allies and sought the help of our enemies to get re-elected. He has attacked peaceful demonstrators using our military. He, his cabinet and staff, and his friends have benefitted themselves for three and a half years and are now hiding information that may show that they are taking stimulus money meant to help all of us. Trump is a danger to our country.

Out of space, but for more information, please consult John Bolton.

Ann Delmastro

Idaho Falls