Charles Finance, assistant precinct committee officer in the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee apparently feels that the recent Idaho Falls City Council’s correction of a 2013 ordinance which was enacted by a previous administration somehow added more new discrimination than it attempted to prevent.

In his convoluted argument, he tells us, “the fact is that this freedom and equality already existed under the law before you, our City Council, passed your nondiscrimination ordinance.” No, Charles, freedom and equality did not exist under that 2013 city ordinance. That ordinance clearly discriminated against our LGBT community, and that’s why the present administration voted to correct it.

You say we failed to recognize the freedoms we already had. What freedoms were those, Charlie? The freedom to decide for who we will bake or not bake wedding cakes? The freedom to decide who’s eligible to receive goods and services based on their sexual orientation? The religious freedom to decide the eligibility of our fellow citizens’ standings based solely on their sexual orientation? Are those the freedoms about which you speak?

Kent Nadauld

Idaho Falls