In response to the deceitful exaggerations in Darwin Wolford's letter: Sir, you have definitely have drunk the Kool-Aid dished up by the extreme conservative media. You should do more research into the reality of these claims.

• If the representation in the Legislature became more equally distributed between conservative and liberal, all Idaho citizens would be represented and not ignored or condescended to.

• Babies are not murdered after birth anywhere.

• Liberals are not asking for no borders. They are asking for a foreign policy that helps struggling countries to develop safer environments and to provide safe havens for those who need it.

• Elimination of the Electoral College would result in all people of low-population states including Idaho to at last have representation in national elections. Trina's, yours and my vote would finally be counted.

• A New Green Nation would not get rid of cows and planes but would provide clean air and water so that humans will not become extinct and your grandchildren will be able to go outside without a mask or respirator.

• Pure socialism is not what is being sought, but social programs are necessary to curb the current push to oligarchy — government by the few — and to provide succor to the poor.

• The U.S. Constitution is not in danger, but the current administration is trying to trash it every day.

It is you who are blind and refuse to see or research before spewing these falsehoods and intolerance.

Caroyln Abbott

Idaho Falls

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