The Post Register must be hard up for guest columnists. One of them sees himself as a humorist (Jim Mullen) and another as the political adviser to the county and state (Doyle Beck). The only laughs I find in the Post Register are on the commentary page under letters to the editor.

Mr. Beck's recent schooling of us concerning Venezuela was such a study in recent South American history that I wonder who did his research for him. You would probably be hard-pressed to find 4 out of 10 people who could even find Venezuela on a map of the world.

I mean anyone who thinks that we still have an Idaho State College in our state is over 50 years behind the times. I don't know if his reference is to Idaho State University (which is easy as good an academic institution as our other two universities), as Idaho State College was an intended slur or just a lack of knowledge on his part.

Better get a new proofreader, Mr. Beck.

Alan Jones

Idaho Falls