I was hoping I would someday have time to explain what Ellie Hampton has so eloquently explained on Oct. 9.

I will just reiterate:

Advantage programs are subsidized by the taxpayer.

They were to be discontinued last year, but surprise, surprise, the insurance lobby convinced President Trump this was a bad idea.

The plans offer benefits that come out of reimbursement fees to physicians (that may be a reason so many physicians do not participate with these programs).

The programs often have a very limited formulary for prescriptions, making it difficult to treat patients.

I recommend to all Medicare patients that they avoid the Advantage plans. There are several insurance programs that offer Medicare gap coverage with none of the restrictions of the Advantage programs, i.e., United Healthcare (I personally use this company but there are several others).

Your mother and father taught you that you get what you pay for. Or, if it is too good to be true, it probably is not.

Thank you, Ms. Hampton, you recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Dr. Paul Brooke

Idaho Falls