I don't know Evan Tibbott, but I reckon he is one of us senior citizens. I mean, since he has short-term memory loss. He has never witnessed such visceral hatred toward an elected president?

May I refer you to the Republicans' treatment of President Barack Obama? The Republicans' announced agenda, and only agenda, was to make Mr. Obama a one-term president. That's pretty visceral. How about stealing a Supreme Court seat? That's pretty visceral. But if he means nasty visceral try this, "Get the black out of the White House." That's pretty visceral and nasty. How about calling the Obama family "monkeys"? That's pretty visceral and nasty. How about racists (Republican racists) burning Mr. Obama in effigy? That's pretty visceral and really nasty.

So, Evan, please spare us your righteous indignation. It makes you look like a whiny little snowflake.

Shelton Beach