It was sad reading Jackie Stevens' Nov. 7 column about climate change. She seems to really believe what she wrote. Life must be frightening for her and others who believe the same. I remember going through the ozone crises. Man's activity was making a hole in the ozone layer exposing us all to dangerous rays from the sun. We did not all die from cancer and we don't hear much about it anymore.

The present climate change crises will also pass, and then a new crisis will be invented. We have sunglasses and lotions to protect us from the sun's rays. If allowed to do so, we can also adjust and find solutions to the present so-called crises. People are our greatest resource because they can think, reason and solve problems. We live in a marvelous age and have a great future. To me, our greatest present crises are a lack of morality and honesty.

R. Grant Hunter