I have some questions for you, Jim. Have you no shred of human decency in the depths of your being? Do you hold up vile, contemptible and corrupt human beings as role models to children and grandchildren? Two terms of Bill Clinton and wife Hillary? White Water, travelgate, suspicious deaths, and The Clinton Foundation. Benghazi, Filegate and the email scandal. For Obama, Fast and Furious, two apology tours to other countries, bowing to their leaders, Solyndra, paid $5 billion and released five Taliban prisoners for deserter Bergdahl. Lies told by all three.

Not very smart to bring up Trump's sexual exploits. Four women over the past few decades have publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault or harassment. One woman accused Clinton of raping her. He paid Paula Jones $850,000. Jenifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky? Fact check who has had more sexual assault charges made against them. Democrats or Republicans? I think your moral compass is a little wacky. Obama’s border housing for kids was so bad it makes Trump’s look like Taj Mahal. The picture depicting brown little kids sleeping in cages was from Obama's term, 2014. They tried to pass it off as Trump's. Where was your outrage then?

Trump hates people of color and immigrants? I don't believe that to be true. I don't hate immigrants; I just want them to enter legally. They are breaking the law. Why do we have laws, Jim? You and some of your left cronies need to put a sock in it. So tired of your redundant trash talk of the president. Let ye among you who are without sin cast the first stone. Hypocrisy at its finest.

R. Chase

Idaho Falls