The Delmastros distort political facts, but they are correct with their allegation of me being “obsessed” with Hillary Clinton.

My obsession with Clinton is justified based on first-hand experience.

As a Navy Vietnam veteran, I dealt with classified material. When my ship, U.S.S. Tripoli (LPH-10), pulled into WESTPAC ports (Philippines, Okinawa, etc.), the captain would announce over the ship’s PA system that all personnel will use caution when talking with civilians onshore who could be spies. The captain appropriately cited the WWII slogan of “loose lips sink ships.”

Clinton and many of her peers are guilty of loose lips when they should have known better. The Delmastros are attempting to gloss over Hillary’s faux pas by citing questionable liberal web sites. She committed a serious offense by conducting official State Department communications with secret and top-secret material on her unsecured personal server.

The Uranium One deal was another serious gaffe from Clinton. She and other committee members used poor judgment by committing approximately 20 percent of our nuclear fuel to adversaries. Sometime in the future, we’ll likely be in trouble since our limited uranium reserve is vitally important for national defense and for the generation of electricity.

To quote French writer and philosopher Gustave Flaubert, “The earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is infinite.”

When are local liberals, including the Delmastros, Jim Sathe, Trina Pettingill and others, going to own up to their leaders’ mistakes?

Will they accept my challenge or will their narrow scope of anti-Trump tirades continue to take preference over reality?

Bob Ziel


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