It seems that many people are afraid of socialism being the government and political norm in the United States, pointing towards the next election. An example is Karey Hanks' opinion article published recently in the Post Register.

She and others are for ending any social program in which the government may administer with tax dollars. They believe government involvement in some obscure way means that we are turning into a socialist society. If you agree with these thoughts, worry about the same and “draw the line,” please remember that officeholders and their supporters, like Ms. Hanks, will do everything they can to end those programs that assist the poorest in society to benefit the wealthiest.

But also remember they favor and will do everything in their power to end Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, veteran benefits and all agricultural subsidies. If not, at the best they are misinformed, at the worst, hypocritical.

Marc J. Weinpel

Idaho Falls