Socialism and social programs are not the same thing. Governmental social programs are definitely needed for those who are truly disabled or can not provide for themselves. Socialism's goal is wealth distribution so that everyone is "equal." A person has worked and earned what they have, which doesn't obligate them to give to those that do not have the same things.

Nor does the excuse about fairness or lack of opportunity to some and not others. There are people who came from nothing or did not have much to begin with who worked hard to provide a living free of abuse of the governmental social programs, proving that ideology wrong. The opposite is also true, as there are people who started out better off who do not utilize hard work or opportunity, believing others and the government owe them something.

Second Thessalonians 3:10-12 says if one can work and doesn't, neither should they get to eat because instead of working they are busybodies, and those that work should eat their own bread.

Yes, if the broken governmental system continues its take from the haves and give to the have nots philosophy, we will turn into a socialist society.

Whether in this country legally or illegally, nothing is free nor is anything owed to anyone who thinks this country is their sugar daddy.

Stephanie Mermigas