When an overwhelming, historical majority of your fellow Americans — citizens of this nation whose voices were sought and who turned up in record numbers to have those voices heard — when that massive repudiation of the course we are on, and a demand to chart a new course is so loudly and boldly spoken by our citizenry — when that reality is totally irrelevant to you and not important at all in your estimation of how we should then be governed, you have lost all credibility as a "leader." And any pretense that you stand for anything other than your own narrow ideology is exposed for what it is: a raw, tyrannical pursuit of power for power's sake. The American Revolution was, in no small part, a rebellion against a tyrant, King George III, who substituted his own reason, logic and will for those of the people he was responsible to govern. Your recent screed is nothing other than a call to re-litigate our battle against King George.

No amount of logical legerdemain or political prevarication, no sleight of hand appeal to ill-understood and poorly applied principles of democracy or republic can alter what is at face value nothing other than a massive dismissal of 79,295,252 of your fellow Americans' call for change. You not only want to marginalize those Americans, you want them to not matter. To not count.

That is not American. That is not patriotic. That is nothing other than a raw power grab grounded in a near-psychotic allegiance to an ideology and a man in all opposition to the founding principles you so hypocritically call out in defense of your call to tyranny.

"Guard against impostures of pretended patriotism." 

— George Washington

Dave Manson

Idaho Falls