When I started writing letters to the editor I committed to not criticize others’ letters. They are entitled to their opinion. But I have to make an exception for the letter written by Michael Armstrong. Michael and I had a long conversation quite a while ago. We disagreed on many things but did agree on a few. What I respected was we could discuss these topics with respect and dignity. Michael said he wasn’t going to read my letter anymore, but I continue to read his and others so I may learn new facts. My letter is in response to his May 13 letter titled “COVID-19 virus exposes the good, bad, and the ugly.”

I commend him for this well written and thought out article. He exposes the darkness of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and their dealings. Later we find out that the IFF listed the names and addresses of those Idahoans that requested a mail-in ballot. Why? How did they get this information?

I thought Mr. VanderSloot was a true conservative. After reading the article by the IFF, I had to re-evaluate my thinking. Mr. VanderSloot has done great things for Idaho, and I pray he continues.

Mr. Armstrong’s last sentence was agreeing 100% with Mr. VanderSloot’s description of the IFF. I agree 100% as well and 100% with Michaels’s letter. I hope the IRS sees the IFF for what it is, and that is not a charitable organization.

Ken Martin

Idaho Falls