The Nov. 5 commentary page was unbelievable for a number of reasons. In one of the two lead opinion columns, Bob Ziel gave the shallowest critique of Donald Trump I’ve ever seen. In the second, Karey Hanks listed about six “threats” to freedom arising from the left, of which only one existed in reality, and it was a conservative threat to our freedom. In the letters Charles Allen lied about Hillary Clinton’s email practices, falsely claiming that he would be in jail if he did what Clinton did. That is untrue.

But the most absurd thing asserted by anyone that day (and this was a difficult choice) was Gene Hicks’ absurd claim that no president has been more transparent than Trump. This is the president who refuses to release his tax returns even after he promised his supporters that he would do so. He is suing to prevent what he promised. He refuses to release the visitor logs of the White House or of Mar-a-Lago. He hides “perfect” conversations in top-secret servers. He refuses to testify before Congress or special prosecutors and lies in written testimony. He uses campaign money to illegally pay off tabloids to hide the fact that he cheated with porn stars.

That there are people willing to stand up for this cretin is astounding. I hope after this horrible person is removed from office those people remember how easily they were convinced to defend the worst, most authoritarian person ever put into office in American history.

Dan Henry

Idaho Falls