I tend to agree with the first paragraph of the column “Institutional racism enabled the treeless lynching of George Floyd” by Pat Tucker. I thought she meant the Minneapolis police department, run by a black police chief, or the dim mayor or governor of a deep blue state, but no, Pat is talking about America. I know, Pat, that the left is obsessed with race and doesn’t believe in due process, but just because MSNBC, CNN et. al. propaganda outlets tell you it was because of racism don’t make it so.

This has given poorly educated young people an excuse to demonstrate with their trite signs of outrage and chants of Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh (I may be thinking of something else) while giving cover to the thugs, thieves, anarchists, murderers, etc. It’s pathetic. This looks more like Mao’s cultural revolution than anything else. Why not, the left and “Dims” are a bunch of intellectually vacant commies anyway.

Even though the left encourages tribalism, I believe they call it communities, hate and distrust, there still is no “institutional” American racism, but Pat, there seems to be a boatload of institutional stupidity.

F.D. Clark