Democratic Bonneville County Chairwoman Pat Tucker is extremely misguided again by lecturing Idaho about institutional racism. No reasonable person who has seen the video of the murder of George Floyd is going to defend the dirtbag guy that killed him, cop or not. Pat plays right into the narrative that we see playing out nationwide that is tearing our country apart. Is there racism? Absolutely. Is there institutional racism where cops are hunting down blacks and murdering them as many on the left and in the media would have you believe? No.

Washington Post statistics (correct me if I am wrong, a very left-leaning publication) for 2019 police-involved shootings nationwide of unarmed African Americans:

Ten killed by police. Nine men, one woman.

Five of the 10 were killed attacking officers before the shooting happened.

One killing was an accidental discharge. (Allegedly.)

Of the four remaining deaths, two of the 4 officers involved were charged criminally in the shooting.

That leaves two deaths nationwide where an African American was killed and the officer-involved was not charged. I write attempting to not say that any of these deaths are acceptable but rather to try to put some perspective to Pat Tucker and the national narrative. Two unarmed officer-involved shootings of African Americans does not reflect institutional racism or a police force that is out to lynch or commit genocide as some have stated. Two deaths out of a country of over 300 million. Pat, please review the statistics. Facts mater.

Lynn Fuhriman