R. Grant Hunter's clearly written letter of Nov. 3 questioning the seriousness of global warming and resulting climate change contains misleading, if not false, statements. He wrongly implied that youth worldwide are being terrorized to believe that the world will soon end because of climate change warnings. He asked whether this could be child abuse or even a cruel hoax. He also claimed to have been told by scientists that anything can be proven. Real scientists would not say such a thing; they seek to obtain evidence, not proof.

Hunter then made surprising claims regarding atmospheric and plant sciences. A graph he mentioned from a geology book reportedly shows straight line decreases of atmospheric carbon dioxide from 140 million years to 20,000 years ago. We do have good data for the last 800,000 years which shows that graph is just plain wrong for those times. Importantly, several international studies, such as published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2018, agree on the scores of peaks and troughs in CO2 concentrations during this period. These many changes match beautifully corresponding temperature changes as expected by cause and effect.

The "hockey stick" rises of CO2 during the last 25 years, and less markedly during the previous 150 years, came largely from burning coal and other plant fossil fuels. Hunter admitted that the rise to above 400 parts per million came from the industrial revolution, but his statement that this rise "replenished" the gas so as to "save plants" and animals seems biological nonsense. 

Cleon Ross