R. Grant got part of it right. This election will be a turning point in our history, but it is not a choice between capitalism and socialism. We have two major candidates running for president. Joe Biden is a moderate and Donald Trump is a radical.

R. got it right when he said that we should look at the issues. Here are some issues we need to consider: Do we want a president who will give tax breaks to the rich? Do the rich really need tax breaks? Do we want to alienate our allies? Trump has done a great job of that. Do we want a president who does not know the truth from fantasy? That’s Trump. Sadly he actually believes that his lies are the truth. Do we want a president who thinks that our military is losers and suckers? Do we really want that?

Do we want a president who wants to end Social Security and Medicare? Trump has pledged to do just that — make the moratorium on payroll taxes permanent, and payroll taxes are the funding for Social Security and Medicare.

And finally, do we want a president who has shown absolutely no leadership against the current pandemic? Trump has given up on controlling the virus. He has said that we need to get used to it and learn to live with it. R. got it right when he said we should consider the issues.

Shelton Beach