I’m responding to Grant Hunter’s responses to both my climate change column and his own accusations that climate change is a “cruel hoax.” Grant, you feigned concern for my mental well being in precisely the same terms that Rush Limbaugh uses on daytime talk radio to ridicule Greta Thunberg (the young climate activist from Sweden). I’m old enough to take it. Fifteen-year-old Greta shouldn’t have to.

I agree with your last sentence, “Our greatest present crises are a lack of morality and honesty.” You hit the nail on the head. Our president is flagrantly dishonest. He (and others) have a financial interest in exploiting the earth’s resources and are manipulating Americans to distract from their exploitation of them. Unfortunately, you and many others are being manipulated.

I don’t deny that you’ve been fed a handful of “scientists” who deny climate change but consider the broader picture. Ninety-seven percent of all reputable scientists who study and research climate change say it is both real and human-caused. The Department of Defense has called climate change a “national security threat.” NASA is on board too. These agencies have some of the world’s most talented scientists behind them and their agendas are national security and safety in space exploration. Ask yourself, who is behind the deniers you cite?

Grant, there is a world-wide consensus of scientists warning us that climate change is a grave threat to the future of our planet. Please turn off daytime talk radio and join the conversation.

Jackie Stephens 

Idaho Falls