R. Grant Hunter, I just read another of your "unbiased" opinion letters in the paper today. I do not belong to a political party. Looking at what is happening today, it seems the partisanship is doing a lot of damage. That said, I want to respond to your letter about the impeachment investigation. At his point, it is still in the investigation stage.

If someone is murdered in Idaho Falls and the police suspect DBL, they cannot arrest DBL just because they suspect him. So they investigate. They don't have to have an investigation voted on. They don't have to let everyone know what clues they are investigating. If DBL is innocent, he is going to welcome the investigation to clear his name. If the evidence shows the police are right, then they will take it to the district attorney to file charges and allow him to be arrested. The hearings will come later.

Trump is being investigated for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. The founding fathers worried about the close relationship one of the legislators had with France. They "what if'd" France used that relationship to gain something from the U. S. government. Foreign countries interfering with our elections at the behest of a president or candidate fits that category. You will be so relieved when the investigation proves Trump is innocent. You won't believe the facts if it proves Trump is guilty.

Maggie Croft

Idaho Falls