Regarding the article about the St. Anthony Work Camp, the article did not present the information correctly. It said that the camp employs many workers and that is not true. Many of the workers do not work and earn a paycheck.

The prisoners that do work have to give more than 60 percent of their salary to the work camp for room and board. Adding more prisoners in this area is not going to benefit the work camp only in the fact that allows for more inmates. The inmates that do work are not given any other benefits than those that are not working. The food is horrible and intolerable. What does the $500 they take from each pay really give them? The work camp used to have a fire brigade, but they lost the contract and now those that could be employed are not. This leaves a substantial obligation for the potato warehouses to provide employment.

How can this be seen as a benefit to the state? If the grant can change the horrible situation that exists now, then it should be granted. I know the public should be informed of what really goes on there. I visit an inmate and he tells me of the corruption that happens in the work camp. The concept of the work camp would work if most of the inmates were actually working. This is a business earning so much money that the public should not have to pay a dime. The public needs to know.

Julie Corr